About Us:
Our History:
In 2008 a reunion of retired old friends took place in Long Beach, California. Without exaggeration this group is among the most hands on and experienced chrome processors in Southern California. Love of classic automobiles, and antique motorcycles were always a part of their life's, for both pleasure and profession.

With the belief that manufacturing is the foundation of a strong economic effort, which must be fulfilled to maintain such in the United States. The friends decided to become involved and assist one of the oldest bumper chrome shops in Southern California that remained in business. They proudly prevented the closure of the historical manufacturing chrome shop facility, with 64 years of serving classic car lovers, having over 50 dedicated and experienced restoration workers. Once you read the biography of our executives you will find out how difficult this task was to accomplish. Our company believes the United States makes the greatest cars and motorcycles throughout the world and our goal is to continue the excellent restoration performance.

For the last four years our goal to renovate the manufacturing shop was ongoing with financial assistance from a non-profit foundation, The 5651 Association, making possible the most advanced green equipment and technology to service our clients.

Finally, we strongly believe in our experience to offer our services to the classic car lover in and outside of Southern California by launching and making our website service globally available.

We take pride in our personal service working one on one with our clients to fulfill their needs.
Founded in 1946 by John Hammer in Southgate, California. His goal was to serve the local auto body shops by repairing and re-plating damaged car bumpers. He had early success and moved to the present Lynwood location in 1953. His success was based on high quality and good service. The high quality was derived from the application of two layers of copper and two separate polishing operations before the nickel and chrome were applied (most platters polished once and applied no copper). This process gave the bumpers a new or better-than-new appearance. The good service was derived from the process of picking up the damaged parts one day, repairing, polishing and plating them overnight, and returning them the next day. The company also served the demand for restoring and re-plating parts for antique cars.

The company changed hand in 1974 and the operations were extended over the greater Los Angeles area. With over 100 employees as the auto industry changed from chrome-plated steel to plastic bumpers, the company expanded its focus to include polishing and plating for general industrial needs and add restoration of plastic bumper to its service.

The company changed hands again in 2008 when the operation changed to serve high demand for high quality classic car restoration and continue to the present.