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How it works
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Level of Services:

We have three levels of warranty:

Museum finish / we will guarantee the workmanship and quality of our chrome products for lifetime

Show finish / we will guarantee the workmanship and quality of our chrome products for five years

Standard finish / we will guarantee the workmanship and quality of our chrome products for one year

How It Works:

The first step in the restoration process of your chrome is to take pictures of the part. Please take as many close up pictures to guide us. Especially all damaged areas.

Load and email us your pictures on the free quotation icon of our website.

Upon receiving your email our experienced staff will evaluate your part take note of all processes that must be performed and email you our restoration quotation.

If you decide to accept our bid you will be given a special ID number and information on your assigned personal customer service representative email including their text and phone number. This information will enable you to track you part's in different restoration stages as we perform our service. In addition you have the capability to discuss with your contact person any question that might arise.

Once we have your part, the staff receiving your email will make sure your pictures are matching the actual restoration part's. Your special ID number will then be grind permanently in back of the parts.

Parts will be racked with copper rod for good conductivity. A sodium hydroxide bath will then be applied to remove the old chrome.

When the part is fully stripped it will be taken and rinsed with hot water.

The nest step is to strip the old nickel by a sulfuric acid bath.

This operation is most crucial to restoring your part.

The part pits must be identified and with precise grinding be taken out. It is common for few pits to remain.

The remaining pits are filled with sliver soldering and eventually smoothed again.

The next step is the high RPM grinding machine. The high RPM created a smooth surface on the part face.

Copper Plating:
After polishing, the parts again be racked for cyanide copper and acid copper plating and returned to the returned to the polishing area for copper buffing.

Copper Buff:
Smooth buff on the high RPM machine will melt the copper and evenly mirror finish polish the part.

Nickel Plating:
The part will again be racked to perform semi-nickel and bright nickel plating for the next stage.

Chrome Plating:
The final plating step is to chrome your part's in hex eve lent chromium solution. Upon plating completion your part's are inspected and packed for shipment. Your contact person will email you picture of the finished restored part and on your approval the part will be shipped.